Zygor WoW Guide


Zygor guide is the omnibus of guides. With over 60,000 users, this WoW guide sports double the audience of any other WoW guide. Can 60,000 users really be wrong? The simple answer: nope.

This is one pretty ass guide. It’s clear that the designers of Zygor’s WoW guide are professionals. Professional graphics, professional writing and professional videos. Get it? It’s professional. What’s most impressive though, is that Zygor’s WoW guide is an actual in game guide. What does this mean? It’s a literal add on to your gaming interface. It’s pretty unbelievable and should mark the standard for all guides going forward.

I’m sure there is something that Zygor’s WoW guide doesn’t include. I just haven’t found it yet. You can get leveling tips, crafting tips, builds, raid walk throughs, boss tips, PvP tips, PvE tips and so much more. What’s most impressive is that much of this is integrated into your actual gaming experience. You won’t need to tab back and forth between the game and an online or paper WoW guide. But seriously, the content in this guide is pretty exhaustive. You can get info on mounts, vanities, macros and even achievements. What’s more, the guide is almost perpetually being updated. And this is good because the game is almost perpetually being updated!

Noticing a trend? This is the best damn guide for any MMO guide out there. It is nearly perfect in every respect and absolutely groundbreaking. The in game integration makes it’s content so much more accessible and useful in game,  resulting in a substantially enhanced playing experience. At times I felt like I was cheating while playing the game, until I realized that Zygor WoW guide had just turned my Gnome into Predator. Everyone I looked at I could analyse for information, receive tips on how to proceed and advice on how to slay the next boss. I very, very rarely play WoW with the Zygor WoW guide anymore.

Ahh, finally a caveat. This guide is pretty expensive. It ranges in pricing depending on what you decide to get, but you can trust that it won’t be the cheapest guide on the market. But it is priced for what it is worth. It’s the best guide available and has loads and loads to offer. If you are dropping over a 100 dollars on WoW monthly fees already, you can probably afford to get the single most important add on to that game. Plus, they give a free trial. So if you don’t love it, give it back!

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