World of Warships Review – Addictive War Game


From the creators of World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warplanes and World of Tanks Generals, comes an action-packed MMO game which takes place on the 20th-century naval war. As we all know we have been to our own fair share of MOBA and MMORPG games, but World of Warships is slightly different from all those genres.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics simply illustrates the uniqueness of the game itself. The scene and landscape compliment the theme. The game developers and the artists really took their time on creating maps that will serve as the backbone of the game, and to be honest you can see it in the game. The BG music is impeccable, which creates that warfare atmosphere and pumps you up while in the game.


The ships or vessels are inspired by some real-life war vessels and in between, they educate us on its history, which makes it a lot interesting. You can purchase ships using XP and research the vessel further later. For additional or premium ships, you will have to purchase more slots.

The type of warships that you can purchase is Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Aircraft Carriers. So far, only the US, Japan, and USSR are available, but they already have Tier 1 – 10 ships to choose from, which will take quite a while to research.


Control uses the basic WSAD buttons. Fire your weapons simply by pressing number 1 and 2. R used to repair your ship. W for full throttle and S for a full stop, you can easily distinguish it just on the bottom left portion of the compass. GPS/map is located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Green indicates units and orange indicates the enemy team.

The strategy is an important part here, players will learn how to plan out the attack while avoiding multiple potential disadvantages.


– Some ships are not yet available.
– Troll gamers can be killed by friendly fire.
– Asian server: users don’t talk a lot or speak English to communicate effectively.
– No co-op for friends to join in.


– Great graphics
– Naval ships and scenery are well detailed.
– Battle maps are easily distinguished from domination and standard maps.
– Unique gameplay and strategy.
– Minimum of 10 minutes game time, and joining the queue doesn’t take long.

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