Skyforge Review


What do you get when you cross Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, God of War, and World of Warcraft? A really confusing game, that’s what. A messy stew of randomness and confusion. That, or maybe something as awesome as Skyforge!

This new AAA title from and Allods Team is the latest addition to the must-haves in your library. Seriously, guys, this game is a godsend – in one sense or another. In Skyforge, you’re in Aelinar and you’re an immortal training to be a god. To be one, you need to answer the people’s prayers so they have faith in you. To do so, you need to train and be stronger. So you gotta do quests and — you know what? Let’s just break down the game!


This game is eye candy! The whole thing just looks superb. It’s nothing like Witcher 3, but for MMORPG standards, the graphics are top notch. The NPC facial expressions are well acted out, the environments are stunningly fleshed out, and the spells, when cast, are spot on.

You get all this, but the game manages to run about 60FPS. Sure, it drops to about 30FPS during hi-octane situations but there’s minimal stuttering there.


Armor and weapon details surely add a lot to the game along with the awesome customizable running and standing animations. And speaking of customization the game features an in-depth character creation system that’s akin to something like Saint’s Row 3.


Skyforge offers a lot of unique systems compared to other MMORPGs. Instead of leveling up, Skyforge features the Ascension Atlas wherein you unlock nodes based on runes and other resources that you could get as quest rewards or buy with real money.

The stat system in this game is unique, too. Instead of leveling up and allocating stats, you will rely on the Ascension Atlas and your items. The rings in the game are a good help for starters but the bonuses offered by the equipment among other things are also a huge plus.

Quests here can be done solo or with groups but it’s recommended to go with groups because each of Skyforge’s first three classes complements each other. There’s the Lightbinder which serves as the support class, the Paladin which acts as a tank, and the Cryomancer as the damager.

The game has a central hub where most players can meet in the form of the Observatory where NPCs give missions and where you could access the tram so you could go to other hubs making access throughout the game world a lot easier.

Lag isn’t a problem in the game but a constant problem with getting disconnected is. It could be due to the load on the server since it’s the first day of open beta but still, if this problem persists, then SkyForge might be headed for the dust bin sooner than we expect.


The game’s audio probably one of the few things that kill the AAA vibe of the game. Yes, the NPCs are well voiced but the lack of unique audio for attacks and the repeating grunts and cries for pain by the enemies hurt the immersion.

The ambient noises are there but we could use a bit more of it.

The game’s background music is a good plus though but it tends to drone away from all the other sources of audio.


First up, the Skyforge only allows one character per account. Each character has access to all the classes, though so you might want to explore first before picking a class to stick with forever.

The game has its own social network called the Aelinet that helps players connect with each other to facilitate the construction of groups for raids or quests.


It’s a true triple A title through and through. Everything from graphics and gameplay speaks volumes of its quality and the skill that went through in making the game. It’s got unique systems that help make the game easier for players of all skill levels. It looks good. It plays well. All in all, SkyForge is a must-have.


The game might be open to being exploited by paid users given the systems that are in place. The quests are standard MMORPG quests, so there’s really nothing new in that line. In addition, the game still suffers from a connectivity problem – and even if it doesn’t occur often, it might be the weak link the strong game that SkyForge is trying to be.

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