Project: Gorgon


If you like quality MMO games Project: Gorgon is a great choice. It’s one of the few games that has positive review rating on Steam. Impressive fantasy world, unique gaming experience, positive community and helpful other players online – this is what makes this game interesting. Another aspect that makes this game unique – there are no character levels and no classes. But don’t worry, there are lots of skills to found and discover. You can create your own special fighting style with different skills. So every player is completely unique and probably you won’t find any other similar hero like yours.

In this game, you can explore the fantasy world, fight dangerous bosses or even open your shop and sell your developed skills. How cool is that?

A game created by Elder Game Studios, which is well known for its good gaming solutions.

There is a great NPC system that keeps quests feeling fresh and new. 

Project: Gorgon encourages online players to be on one side and play together in order to win and defeat bosses. Going solo is not a good decision in this game. You will need help to win and develop your character.

Large numbers of skills are one of the best advantages of this game. I really liked how you can develop new skills and use them during combat.

Another thing I want to mention is the bosses. If a player fails to kill the boss, he will be cursed by the boss. All curses are unique and affect players differently. For example, you can be cursed and become a cow (hahahaha).

If you unlock more quests, you will get more gifts and special abilities. So completing quests is very important in this sandbox MMORPG game.

The game is still new so there are some bugs, but they are fixing them pretty fast. So it won’t affect your gaming experience and overall position about this game.

Let’s talk about the cons of this game. Even the gameplay is very interesting and addictive, I have to mention that the graphics are not the best, and sometimes that may distract the game by itself. Also, the character’s customization process is a little bit boring and could be more wide with different features, costumes, and clothes.


To sum up, I believe Project: Gorgon has a bright future. It’s a great game for all MMORPG lovers. Really recommend it to try if you want to try a game with good gameplay and a large number of skills of your character.

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