Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru


I’ve spent the vast majority of my online gaming experience in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as target practice for more veteran players. It didn’t matter the game type, I always found myself staring glumly at the re-spawn screen. I’ve never been a particularly adept first person shooting player, but I usually manage to perform well enough to earn my stripes. With Black Ops 2, not so much. So I was pleased when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guru was released. I haven’t reviewed too many FPS guides so I didn’t totally know what to expect. But I was hopeful that there were some secrets that I was simply missing and when revealed I would suddenly amp my game up to 11. Honestly, I’m still not a top player. But I’m a heck of a lot better and my enjoyment of the online experience has been improved substantially. And I credit the majority of this change to Black Ops 2 Guru.


Black Ops 2 Guru is written by an elite player with a proven track record of success. Unfortunately, much of that skill is muscle memory, instinct and latent video game skills. But there’s also a ton of knowledge that comes into play. And it’s this aspect of his success that Black Ops 2 Guru aims to impart. Black Ops 2 Guru includes a full weapons guide, detailing the pros and cons of each gun, their upgrades and their situational uses. Of equal use is the maps guide, which includes fully detailed maps and advice on sniper spots, good kill zones and prime locations to set up shop. Simply improving your map awareness will dramatically improve your playing experience, both in terms of fun and kill counts. Black Ops 2 Guru also includes a perk guide, a prestige guide and a zombies guide. Most importantly, though, are the written advice guides. These guides vary in content and scope, but each contains valuable tips and advice that would be hard to pick up in the run of play. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a more experienced player to help lift you from the dredges. That’s what Black Ops 2 Guru offers.


Blacks Ops 2 Guru comes in two formats, a series of HD videos and a number of pdf guides. By far the more effective medium are the HD videos, which capture important action with useful voiceovers. The videos are high quality and the screen capture is very impressive. The voice overs are audible and understandable, which are both absolutely essential. The videos also are quite valuable learning tools; providing a visual opportunity to learn hard to master skills and tricks. The pdfs are relatively simple in appearance, which is okay. This obviously the work of one gamer on their own, so don’t expect fancy graphics or an especially professional appearance. But the writing is clear, the advice is easy to follow and the graphics and maps are high definition and the quality is nice. And honestly, you aren’t buying Black Ops 2 Guru for its appearance. Most importantly, the presentation never gets in the way of the learning, as it does with some guides.


In the opening I made some admissions about my skill set in Black Ops 2. I definitely wasn’t blowing people away and was often finding myself near the gutter in death matches. Luckily, this gave a nice barometer for my results. Was Black Ops 2 Guru good enough to help take a gutter level player to at least a moderately skilled player? The answer is a resounding yes. I greatly improved my scores, sometimes finishing in the top three in kills and assists. I still lack some of the fast twitch finger muscles required to compete with the top tier of players, but I’m certainly no stranger to success now. And these results really matter in the grand scheme of things. I likely would have quit Black Ops 2 if I didn’t start having more success. After all, it’s not so much fun to stare at the respawn screen for half your play session. Netting kills, winning games and improving you weapons is the reason we play Black Ops 2. Blacks Ops 2 Guru legitimately helped me improve my game. Learning which weapons to use, how to understand the flow of maps, effective sniper spots and all the rest contain in Black Ops 2 Guru really does make a difference. It’s not going to turn you into the top player in the world, but it will help you have a lot more fun and success in Black Ops 2. That’s for sure. 


The value of one of these guides is often hard to ascertain. It often depends on your skill set to begin with, how much you play the game and how much more you will enjoy the game with greater success in play throughs. So I’ll only judge the value in my own experience. I wasn’t a great player and this made me substantially better. Just based on the contents, I think it would even benefit an average player quite significantly. I don’t play Black Ops 2 all the time, but I definitely sit down with it a few nights a week. And I enjoyed the game a heck of a lot more when I started playing much, much better. So in my book, the price was right for the guide. Instead of dropping a game I unloaded a good chunk of change for and entirely losing out on its value, I paid a bit extra and am now getting a ton more mileage out the game. In calculus terms, that’s a good value.

Final Words

Ultimately, the decision to get this guide should come down to what you want to get out of Black Ops 2. If you like the game and want to maximize your skill, this is a guide worth getting. It’s the only one I’ve seen that actually helps to improve play and is available at a reasonable price. It’s not the best guide I’ve ever encountered, but it’s certainly the best guide for Black Ops 2 right now! 

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