Blade and Soul – Why I started to play this game


Team Bloodlust and NCSOFT bring you another tooth-gnashing, boob-jiggling, finally-it’s-here-oh-my-god-it’s-been-so-long MMORPG: Blade and Soul.

This game has been stuck in development hell for so many years and after all the wait, they finally come out with this work of art. It a lot like the other games in the genre and just a little bit more to make it kick and punch it’s way to the top.


The game’s graphics are definitely not triple A but it’s definitely eye candy. I usually judge games by how they do fire animation and Blade and Soul does theirs superbly. I suggest picking a mage type character to enjoy this game’s graphics to the max.


Blade and soul have fully animated cutscenes and interactions with NPC’s even with the sidequests. They definitely didn’t skimp out on animating everything. As for the quality, however, some movements look a bit janky and mechanical which I hope they’ll fix in future patches. The environment is fully immersive with flora and fauna showing off what the game’s Unreal Engine can do.


Okay okay. First up: EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS FULLY VOICED. Last time I saw an MMO that’s fully voiced was in SkyForge. Environment sounds and combat sounds and the grunts are also so well done. Yeah. This game will make you fall in love with a girl’s combat moans. As for the music, well, it’s your traditional Asian music and since the game’s set in a sort-of-Asian environment, I guess we can’t expect anything less.


As for the gameplay, let’s start off with the game’s in-depth Character Creation System. The character creation system here is so deep, it’s rolling with Adele. (Is that an old joke? Are we past 2013 now? It’s 2016?! Oh my God! Where have I been?) If you’re a slouch and you wanna get the character creation over with, pick a preset and go. If you, however, want a tailor-made imaginary friend you’ll spend hours upon hours with, by all means, use the sliders. Spend 2 hours adjusting the minute details of a face that you won’t even get to see much of since you’ll be seeing its ass most of the time in the game.


The game’s Combat System feels a lot like a combination of Tera online and Fairy Fencer F. It has the “hit-hit-hit-special hit!” kind of combo system and after playing it for some time, it gets tiring. Luckily, we get to access some nuke skills that take out the whole room in one go so that’s useful if you get tired of combo spamming all day.

Blade and Soul’s Movement and Travel System is just like any other game. You move with WASD. Also, you can fly. There there’s fast travel stations. Then there’s the sprinting. But sprinting here uses up stamina and that can get very very irritating especially if you need to clear a huge area to get to an NPC or quest area. Devs, please fix.

Quests and Sidequests are the main sources of exp in Blade and Soul. AND MY GOD, there are so many of them. I believe I’ve only done 2-3 more quests in my 10 hours of gaming and most of that is lost in the game’s side quests and its gambling system. Yeah. The game has a roulette that you can spin for some cool rewards. There’s a separate roulette system, too, that you can use every 30 minutes that gives you rewards. There’s also surveys and other stuff that give small rewards to players. Then there’s another roulette system for the login rewards. I swear, there’s so many roulettes and luck-based stuff here, I thought for a while that I was playing a casino simulator.

Unlike a casino, though, you won’t need to spend real cash here since the game’s Free-To-Play System is another one of those “Pay to look good” kind of systems. It’s all aesthetic.



Lag, bugs, constant network problems, and people spamming the chatbox will be this game’s downfall. Other than that, it’s all smooth.


Blade and Soul is a good game. It’s an average game overall. It’s a familiar game that hits familiar spots and it hits them well. It’s like a high-pressure shiatzu massage that hits spots in your body and you go “Aaah. That hit the spot.” because it did hit the spot. It’s a comforting, familiar feeling and it’s something you’d want to get every now and then.

VERDICT: 7/10.


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