ArcheAge Review


We’ve all dreamt of becoming heroes once in our life — the chance to vanquish evil from the face of the earth and rescue the innocent. More often than not, however, achieving hero status seems hard to do. Fortunately, there are other ways available to become, or even feel like, a hero. If heroes and battling evil is your kind of thing, then playing ArcheAge is the way to go as its story is heavily based on the Korean novel The ArcheAge Chronicles by Jeon Min-hee, wherein the fight against evil is prevalent and where heroes set out to change the future for the better.

ArcheAge is an MMORPG working as a hybrid of a “sandbox” and “themepark” style of gaming developed by XL Games and released in 2013. Leveling up in ArcheAge is gained through quests while the other way to level up is a mixture of crafting and/or mining. From Alchemy to Weaponry, there are 21 professions you can take in ArcheAge and these will definitely take much of your time.

For questing there is one thing pretty cool thing to mention here that I have only seen in this game: the choice to complete a quest early or overachieve. This means that when you have a quest to do something – let’s say, for example, kill 10 enemies – you may choose to submit it even before hitting 10 enemies and get reduced rewards OR, overachieve and kill or obtain way more than what the NPC requested for more rewards–this particular approach in questing is quite nice to have in more MMOs in the future.

Being a “sandbox” and “themepark” kind of MMO, gameplay in ArcheAge allows players to explore its vast world freely and throws in the chance for them to focus on a myriad of possibilities. Players may focus on farming, crafting, construction, and even the culinary arts. The game is, I must say, a PVP-centric game wherein players can participate in wars for their respective country. In addition to this, running into some hostile players while doing quests is a common occurrence too when playing the game.

With the seemingly endless possibilities of what to do in the game, spending a lot of time in the game is essential.


– Great graphics and animation for an MMO (check the water!)

– Interesting combat by the combination of various skill sets

– Complex profession system

– The unique mechanic used in the Quest system

– Intriguing story

– A real type of “sandbox” game


– Seemingly simple character customization

– The amount of time required to explore the game

– Labor points that exhaust too quickly

– Most of the good features are locked behind a “pay wall”

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