Aeon SWTOR Guide


Aeon guide is very possibly the most complete SWTOR guide that we’ve seen. If there was a Ferrari amongst MMO guides, it would probably be the Aeon Guide. It’s hard to imagine a guide offering much more than this one. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s jump right in.

Honestly, this isn’t an exaggeration. This is a beautiful, professionally made guide. It’s clearly written by people who not only know their stuff, but also mastered the English language. The writing is clear, concise and easily understood. On the flipside, it’s also presented in a neat format with some really compelling graphics.

As far as SWTOR guides come, this ranks right up there with the best of them. It makes good use of both videos and written walk throughs with professionally done graphics and voice overs. In my mind, a guide that effectively makes use of videos, graphics and writing allows for easier comprehension and more effective communication. But more than just having videos and professional graphics, a guide needs to make intelligent use of them. The Aeon guide does just that. This guide is so professionally done I can guarantee you won’t be let down by this guide’s presentation.

Full disclosure, I have only played through the republic side while using this guide, so my comments don’t necessarily reflect the entirety of what this guide offers. Having said this, I can’t imagine the quality can drop off because from what I’ve experienced, I can only say that I’m left speechless. I really wonder if the team of developers for SWTOR decided to spill all the best secrets of the game to the Aeon Guide’s makers.

It seriously has some of the best gems I’ve ever seen. Not only did I level up at a rapid rate, I was able to maximize my efforts for farming credits (I’m rich bitch!) and hunting for the best items. The makers were apparently involved in the closed beta, so they’ve had the opportunity to learn it all. And damn, they don’t hold back. My favorite component of MMO’s is definitely the PvP, and the Aeon guide did not disappoint!

This is easily the best SWTOR guide for PvP advice. Using this guide, I became an absolute monster. I can only imagine (read: fantasize) that the other players were bowing down to me behind their computer screens as a sliced through them with my lightsaber time and time again. But what’s probably most telling is that I still use the Aeon guide. Of all the guides I’ve tried out, this is the guide I use every time I play. No questions asked. 5/5.

The content in this guide is juicy. It covers both the Republic and Empire, PvP, leveling, builds, gear, abilities and talents, guides by role and a shit ton more. And best of all, it’s all good stuff. There is way more content in this guide than you can possibly ever use. But what’s more, that library of content is constantly growing. The makers of this guide are almost always adding new content, almost every day. Updates are free after purchase, so once you pay the one time fee you’re set for life! I’d say I’ve read probably 3/4 quarters of the available content and have had the chance to use maybe 1/4 of that. That’s a pretty dang good ratio.

The Aeon guide’s one drawback is its price, sitting at a pretty 57 dollars. But this guide is so comprehensive, I still consider it a good value. It’s definitely the best guide available for SWTOR, and with nearly constant updates, it’s a onetime investment for a lifetime of use. But if that price is too high for your blood, Aeon offers some discounted, limited products. Do you play only Republic, well than for 37 dollars you can get that half of the guide. Same for the Empire. My recommendation, buy the whole thing. But if not, at least pick up the guide for your side of the force!

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