Victory Command review

Victory Command Review

If you are looking for a MOBA/RTS hybrid, then this might be the game for you. It’s been a while since we relived the good ol’ days of Command and Conquer and other RTS games that still give us that strategic feeling in every aspect. Well, Victory Command did hear some of our requests and even added a little bit of twist to it. On May 19th Petroglyph developed a game which was later than published by PlayGrid Games. Even though this game had its ups and down before, but it came back with a whole new look, with unique gameplay unlike any


Aeon SWTOR Guide

Aeon guide is very possibly the most complete SWTOR guide that we’ve seen. If there was a Ferrari amongst MMO guides, it would probably be the Aeon Guide. It’s hard to imagine a guide offering much more than this one. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s jump right in. Honestly, this isn’t an exaggeration. This is a beautiful, professionally made guide. It’s clearly written by people who not only know their stuff, but also mastered the English language. The writing is clear, concise and easily understood. On the flipside, it’s also presented in a neat format with some really compelling


Diablo 3 Secrets

Diablo 3 may be one of the most anticipated games of all time. After the monumental success of the previous two games and the continued success of Blizzard as a video game developer, Diablo 3 promises to hold our attention and enthrall our minds for years to come. Diablo 3 Secrets, created by a team of beta testers, offers some of the best insight into the game around. I’ve reviewed a ton of guides now and this guide is among the very best in terms of appearance. I didn’t give this a perfect only because it lacks some of the quality


Shokz Starcraft II Guide

If you haven’t heard about Starcraft 2 yet then you’ve been living underneath a rock. Starcraft 2 has already surpassed its predecessor, with millions already joining in on the online fun. Beyond the obvious appeal of the single player campaign and unique world, Starcraft 2 stands out for its unparalleled balance and level of competition in online play. But with all the competition, at times you can feel ill-equipped to handle players drawing on a much larger knowledge of game mechanics. Anyone stuck in Bronze league knows this feeling. Luckily, Starcraft 2 has a huge community offering solid advice, tips and replays


Zygor WoW Guide

Zygor guide is the omnibus of guides. With over 60,000 users, this WoW guide sports double the audience of any other WoW guide. Can 60,000 users really be wrong? The simple answer: nope. This is one pretty ass guide. It’s clear that the designers of Zygor’s WoW guide are professionals. Professional graphics, professional writing and professional videos. Get it? It’s professional. What’s most impressive though, is that Zygor’s WoW guide is an actual in game guide. What does this mean? It’s a literal add on to your gaming interface. It’s pretty unbelievable and should mark the standard for all guides


WoW Secrets

WoW Secrets is one of the top selling World of Warcraft guides on the market. I’ve heard it’s name bouncing around for quite sometime but was so pleased with my last WoW guide that I was just too lazy to give this one a try. After having taken a look, I’m happy to report back to you all! As far as WoW guides go, this one is a doozy! Content goes hereWoW Secrets comes as a number of different PDFs. These are well designed with great graphics and are eloquently written. What’s more, they are designed in such a way


Fifa Ultimate Team Millionaire

FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode in FIFA ’13 that allows you to build your own team from the entire world’s pool of players to play offline and online with. With tournaments to win and matches against friends to compete in, developing a talented team is absolutely essential for success. While everyone starts off FIFA Ultimate Team with the a team filled with bronze level players (maybe a silver or two if you are lucky), from there you can follow a million different paths, some more successful than others. FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire aims to ensure that the path you

Rodinia War review

Rodinia War Review

Rodinia War is a Korean fantasy-themed online game with a mix of city-building strategy gameplay (like Clash of Kings, Tribal Wars, and Grepolis), and a classical MMORPG gameplay (like Echo of Soul, and Archlord 2). It is currently being developed and published by Ons On Soft, a developer known from their Fiesta Online MMORPG. Rodinia War is currently in its 2nd closed beta testing. City-building Strategy Visuals and Gameplay If you like city-building strategy game wherein you can waste time upgrade your city, and invading others, then Rodinia War has that side, in fact, it is already solid and playable.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege Review

Rainbow Six: Siege is the 18th iteration of the Rainbow Six franchise, which has been stagnant as the last iteration of the franchise was released in 2008 on consoles.Rainbow Six: Siege is an upcoming game which is set to be released on December 2015, and it is priced at $59.99 for its regular edition and $89.99 for its deluxe edition. We usually don’t review the pay-to-play game, but this time we make an exception. Ubisoft decided that from September 22 to October 4 would be the best time to showcase the gameplay of Rainbow Six: Siege and had a closed


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru

I’ve spent the vast majority of my online gaming experience in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as target practice for more veteran players. It didn’t matter the game type, I always found myself staring glumly at the re-spawn screen. I’ve never been a particularly adept first person shooting player, but I usually manage to perform well enough to earn my stripes. With Black Ops 2, not so much. So I was pleased when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guru was released. I haven’t reviewed too many FPS guides so I didn’t totally know what to expect. But I was hopeful